It’s You

The story wasn’t ever about you, it was about him It was about the universe leading to him You diverted the course, or just a pit stop along the way That cut much deeper than…

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I keep finding pieces of you In places we’ve been, Conversations we’ve had, And the laughs we shared;All that brought us together. I hear your artists Singing new songs, Popping up in the news, And…

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Eager Hearts Waiting

we soak in lines— words, pauses, curves— and breaths taken in between. each one leading to the next, each one lingering a little longer, and yet we jump, hearts eager, blindly leaping for the next.

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Falling Blossoms

These arms serve as refuge through seasons, storms, the sweltering sun, & gusts of wind. As warm days near their end, the air turns cold and emerald tonesturn to amber and crimson. But imminent days…

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Morning Blush

the first soft glow peeks through greeting the tops of the trees, from the depths of these shadows with the slightest bend of light witnessing this moment it feels right to be alive no matter…

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The Basis of My Character(s)

These are my characters Some of them have affairs Some of them are drowning While gasping for air There’s a hint of something there That may never be Nothing more Than a simple connection between…

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Revolving Door

He says, “you’ve been a great lover, opened up doors for me, been there when I needed you but I’m going to leave you, woman for I know you could do better than me” He…

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We loved but we were never lovers, not like the ones in old Hollywood movies who walk into each other’s lives and leave hoping we could have been more,for there was nothing more to this…

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drowning in poetry

I pick up my phone on a dreary Tuesday morning as we often do when the workday slips into its routine, the mind starts to wander for a bit of stimulation. Perusing the latest on…

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Start with ‘Hello’

the daily pattern, clicking here and there, looking for an update,or something needed to say, but it’s gone too soon, like the fading of the day. there was too much to say, countless conversations stuck…

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Rising Waters

soft rolling waves brushing the shoreline come hurling. warmth that used to make your blood boil makes you recoil deeper from all that you have felt and long to feel. digging deep into the sand…

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Rewire the Circuitry

I pull at these formations under my skin in the hopes that these wires of mine could be undone, to reprogram this life from its beginning. I tell them it’s not you, it’s me; I…

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