Rising Waters

soft rolling waves brushing the shoreline come hurling. warmth that used to make your blood boil makes you recoil deeper from all that you have felt and long to feel. digging deep into the sand… Continue reading Rising Waters

More or Less

a poetic response to A Longing Less Refined by Tom Alexander You call for less words, less distraction, to sink yourself further. But do you realize the sensuality of your words fuels this flame? How… Continue reading More or Less

Split in Two

The way I hide away, to remove myself, from myself, from my other self, the one that overthinks, to remain in motion, without hindrance or hesitation, because she doesn’t want to think of how disorganized,… Continue reading Split in Two


You give to others to be the love they need You give to others to be the one when no one else is there To be their cheerleader, to be their rock When no one… Continue reading Exhaust


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