Month: January 2023

  • Midnight Ritual

    Eyes circle the ceiling,lapping rapidlylooking to reach an end.Faster than anyone can explain they hurdle over the present to the mounting what if’s from ‘what about this…’ to ‘what about that…’ over and over again. The pounding within increases preventing myself from breathing. The more it goes, the more I’m in too deep. There’s talk…

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  • Walking Down To The Lake

    The clock slowly ticks half past eight, with only a few beers consumed it’s not nearly enough to forget the night but enough for us to realize something here is not quite right. I gather my things, grab the leash for the dog and jet off for a walk down to the lake, breaking tension…

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  • Let Me Dream

    Let not this fantasy be shattered by reality. Let me stay in the bliss of passionate kisses, Where tenderness sends shivers down my neck. I’d rather not argue over the daily banality, Whose turn it is to mind the children While the other is out for the night. I’d rather stay in a trance of…

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