Let Me Dream

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Let not this fantasy be shattered by reality.
Let me stay in the bliss of passionate kisses,
Where tenderness sends shivers down my neck.

I’d rather not argue over the daily banality,
Whose turn it is to mind the children
While the other is out for the night.

I’d rather stay in a trance of poetry
Shared in our bloodstreams;
Let it not bleed out from our hearts.

Perhaps for the reverie to remain
You have to cut it off before it turns dark,
Before it’s forgotten what made it spark.

Before kisses are a forgotten whisper on the wind,
Before the only thing that keeps you
Is the feeling of obligation to stay.

I want the whisper of a gentle breath,
A grasp of hands holding me close,
And a penchant for softheartedness.

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