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How many times do we take
the leap before we realize
we’ve jumped in too deep

How many times do we stop
to realize we need to
protect our insides

How many times does this heart
have to break; this love,
you too shall take

He was the one healing
the deepest scar,
the wound he created,
only to tear it open
as he twists the knife
churning everything
inside of me

Chasing Sunsets

Chasing sunsets,

The ones that shine brightest

Only to disappear

And return again

But never in the same light

Never seen the same way

These eyes tell me, don’t look away

Before it’s gone too soon


Is it too much to ask
To have you say
And do all of the
Appropriate things
To touch gently
To say the truth and beauty
Of the moments
You and I spend

Is it too much to ask
To respond
To the love I give
To show the depth
Of the love you feel

Is it too much to ask
Is it a childish need
Is this what we’ve become
Is this where we’ll always be
Always wishing and waiting
For the love we both need

Lock & Key

A treasure trove
filled with secrets

A lock and key
twirling through fingers

Turning the key
demons spring forth
dancing in the light

taking in their faces,
their shapeshifter dance,
I sink further into the knowing
and cannot be undone.

A Muse

Another thing to adore
another body to explore
a muse to rouse you
right on cue

I’m more than you think
a mind,
a soul,
a bad-ass beyond control

Comfort needed for my pain
loved longing for you again
take this two steps back
unsure how to react
I’ve spilled my love for you
Now I’m angered by you

a muse…

Breathe Again

Image credit: AstroStar

I step out into the darkness
With the sky lit above me
The orb has reached its full potential
And I am reminded of the beauty around me
The twinkling above is the same as it’s always been
But much brighter than I’ve allowed myself to see
Somewhere out there under the same sky
You’ve been thinking of me
And I can finally breathe


This poem appears in my poetry collection Coffee Shop Sessions: Whatever It Takes, Even If It Doesn’t Take available on Amazon.

I need words
I need better words
Words of joy
Words of healing
Words to console me in times of need
Words of understanding
Words to make me feel complete
Words of love
Words of compassion
Words that show a deeper meaning than what appears in front of me

Words that you cannot find
Words that you cannot express
Words that will never enter your heart or mind
And will never leave your lips

I need words to hang onto
Words that lift me up
Words that will make me want to come back to you
Words that will make me want a future with you

I need words

Train to Nowhere [with audio]

Photo by Burst on

The clock ticks in desperation to move us along, to where we belong.

Our eyes remain forward, no longer looking back.

The man in seat 2B sobs with tears streaming down his face. He’s left his life in his old place.

I soak in the faces of passengers around me, stern looks all around.

All longing for company, for answers that can’t be found.

Looking over my shoulder, the train across the way has the answers.

The lady in the window seat blows me a kiss; she has what we all have missed.

Looking behind me, the cold faces tell me I should leave.

The conductor denies my plea: this is the wrong ticket, I belong on the other train, you see.

As the train departs the station, I rise to bang on every window and door to set me free.

The whistle continues to blow. No one helps. Nothing budges. I’m stuck on a train to nowhere.

The train arrives at our destination. Heaps of garbage as far as the eye can see as flocks of seagulls swarm overhead.

This, this is where the train of life has led me.

Based on the opening scene of Stardust Memories.