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  • Midnight Ritual

    Eyes circle the ceiling,lapping rapidlylooking to reach an end.Faster than anyone can explain they hurdle over the present to the mounting what if’s from ‘what about this…’ to ‘what about that…’ over and over again. The pounding within increases preventing myself from breathing. The more it goes, the more I’m in too deep. There’s talk […]

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  • Walking Down To The Lake

    The clock slowly ticks half past eight, with only a few beers consumed it’s not nearly enough to forget the night but enough for us to realize something here is not quite right. I gather my things, grab the leash for the dog and jet off for a walk down to the lake, breaking tension […]

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  • Let Me Dream

    Let not this fantasy be shattered by reality. Let me stay in the bliss of passionate kisses, Where tenderness sends shivers down my neck. I’d rather not argue over the daily banality, Whose turn it is to mind the children While the other is out for the night. I’d rather stay in a trance of […]

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  • Where Have All The People Gone?

    Another December, Another end of the road As I look around and wonder, Where have all the people gone? Tucked in tighter to their circle Under the guise of staying healthy, They bother not to dine out or congregate. O, where have all the people gone? In their pj’s working at home Two years on […]

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  • Under the Covers

    The only place where I feel safe, under the warmth of covers next to my bare skin. He reaches out a hand to acknowledge my presence, for me to acknowledge his. I curl over harder, inching farther away to the edge. All to show that I am not okay, that I crave my own space. […]

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  • Deep Blues

    I gravitate to the deep blues – the color, the feeling, the music – all that it invokes. “Be careful, if it’s too blue you’ll lose that smile.” Don’t you know I lost it long ago? Don’t you know what it’s like to live in the blues? Those deep Van Gogh blues.

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  • Tossed Asides

    After Daniel Morris and his countless rejections How many times have I scratched the depths Of my soul, picked away at which superlative, Which adjective, to convey the paralyzing Times measured in my life to share? I gather my terms, put on a showcase, Step out into the world to give my all- A slither […]

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  • Eager Hearts Waiting

    we soak in lines— words, pauses, curves— and breaths taken in between. each one leading to the next, each one lingering a little longer, and yet we jump, hearts eager, blindly leaping for the next.

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  • Falling Blossoms

    These arms serve as refuge through seasons, storms, the sweltering sun, & gusts of wind. As warm days near their end, the air turns cold and emerald tonesturn to amber and crimson. But imminent days lie ahead; life will be renewed. Until then the promise of spring blossoms and brighter days continues.

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  • Morning Blush

    the first soft glow peeks through greeting the tops of the trees, from the depths of these shadows with the slightest bend of light witnessing this moment it feels right to be alive no matter how hard the fight

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