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  • strangers in a café

    Thanks to John Dutton from Spilled Ink VA for putting together poems for National Poetry Month. The theme for this month’s poetry was centered on our home venue Jirani Coffeehouse. We dedicate these poems to the coffeehouse that brings together our love of spoken word and community.

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  • Give Me Back My Time

    Once upon a time all I had was time, all we had was time, time to wait for our time, It was declared that our time will come. Perhaps in a few years, then suddenly it was here.All the time before became a distant memory. All we had in front of us was our time.…

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  • Let Me Bother You

    Crying out into the wind the season’s changing, along with all the cares in the world. We find ourselves cast aside & all I want is to pull you back, back into my arms once again. Standing at the shore, I long to bother you, & tug on your beard. I want to knock you…

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  • Reach Beyond

    curled up in the comfort of your room, a tapping upon your door begins calling you to answer and you… retreatback into your hollow cave retreatback to the sheltered space you’ve made retreatfrom the idea that anyone will ever come to your door retreatfrom searching what’s drifting along the shore retreatfrom the ghost that haunt…

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  • Meet Me By The Shore

    A sequel to Walking Down To The Lake There she is, a former glow that once filled a room the moment she granted it with her presence, a memory of what used to be. The frigid air blowing through the trees on this winter night reminds us that the warmth we used to know left us…

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  • Rising Waters

    soft rolling waves lap the shoreline,suddenly crash rapidly upon you. such tenderness used to comfort, now makes you recoil deeper. from all that you managed to bear and remain to endure, still you dig deep into the sand to push it away. recoil into yourself. a shift in the tide was not part of the…

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  • Distorted Reality is a Necessity

    Do you really know anyone at all? Sitting in your favorite armchair you’ll dive into a writer’s mind and soul, stories used to entice, excite, entertain pieces intricately carved out or plucked to share– you’ll think you know them, feel their insides but you’ll never know their true self, if they slept in and had…

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  • This Too Shall Pass

    He looks to me but he doesn’t see me He talks to me but he doesn’t hear me He’s in front of me but we’re a million miles apart Our hearts are beating to a different tune Everyone thinks it’ll be fine soon Just open up and tell himIt’ll be okayThis too shall pass But…

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  • Paper Lies

    Light flickers in the cold corner of a room, upon a desk pages lay empty lit by the rays of the moon. The journal tugs at your shedding snakeskin,all the years falling away telling you to heal old wounds within. You grab the pen in the aim of exhaling an essay, perhaps starting with a…

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  • Think of Me

    Worst thing about New Year’s Eve: Being a romantic But no one to love you the way you need I’m holding back the urge to walk away I’m holding onto responsibilities, Accepting my fate Oh, will you please think of me When you’re kissing your lover Send your positive vibes, Your good thoughts, Your shout…

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