Month: September 2020

  • The Parisian Cafe

    In the city of lights, the city of love, there I was without them both idly observing passersby outside a café one summer evening pacing back and forth, stealing covert glances, hoping for one to catch my eye. Was someone out there to hold onto or had each moment longed for escaped? Heartbroken and alone,…

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  • Sudden Attack

    The heart stops, stomach drops, and fear attacks tearing and scraping the insides. Stepping back, it’s not the right time. It’s too delicate; my hands are tied. I stall. I ruminate. I do all the things not to destroy this. I dread that I will, gravely… to the point of not moving. This is what…

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  • Out of The Dark Corners

    Out of the dark corners, images of another time creep into the forefront of my mind. Images of you and I mix with the scenery. Our bodies entwine in front of me. Shining down or seeping in, blurring the focus of what actually broke us. Layering conversations, our wanting to be held close, I jump…

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  • The Arrival

    the approval has been granted, the lift of the travel ban, the ticket longed for is now in hand three days scheduled in glorious summer heat with a lover’s heart in waiting greeted at the airport a loving embrace and staring deep into each other’s face before a long evening at an outdoor cafe between…

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  • Pink Moon Rising [with audio]

    Overlooking the shoreline, a deep sigh forms releasing the exhaust of the day. Blowing out in the direction of the cool breeze, I scan the shore expecting something or someone, but it never comes. Looking up, the pink moon rises over the North Sea and it hits me- this spot, this arresting moment is what…

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  • It’s All Okay [with audio]

    It was close to the time we arranged to meet here on our favorite park bench, the one that overlooked the town green. I sat with a view of passersby, taking a glance at my watch every once in a while. It was any moment now, the ripping away, the bandage stripping off. We didn’t…

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  • Dithering Heights [with audio]

    Perched high above where no one can see, he scans the scenes below wondering what all the raucous is about. Escaping his aerie for a quick bite or a neighborly ‘Hello’, thousands march past him. Chants, names echo Cries call out through the streets. He pauses, ‘It must have been someone they know. Do I…

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  • dysphoria

    the way you say the things you don’t carefully crafted to disguise parts of you in other realms, it’s an alarming surprise the way you reveal your true self to me leaves me empty reduced to mysterious needs i look away and say, ‘can’t we just talk poetry?’

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  • this is not my own

    rip out my insides, pull out the intestines from the gut punches bruised, the heart that heaves and beats rapidly for thee, the mind that overthinks and runs ceaselessly over everything, pull it all out, it does nothing for me, it only runs for you. my hands were made to hold only you my arms…

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  • Taco Dream Date

    Originally published in The Daily Drunk: gooey melted cheese over warm ground beef, cool crispy lettuce and fresh juicy tomatoes wrapped up in a flour tortilla blankets the ingredients of my hunger pained dreams grab the deliciousness and sit with me my taco loving friend while I grab the wine and two solo cups…

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