Month: May 2021

  • Let the Music Play

    we were an unsinkable ship,built to sustain any injurythrown our way, or so we said. cast into the dark,yet illuminated with infinite possibilities. suddenly slipping through our fingersthe bitter cold quickly rushed in,and the music played on. while the chaos surrounded usand the children were tucked safely in their bed,the music played on. while prayers…

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  • Walk With Me

    She wants to be who she is. She wants to feel loved for who she is, And who she wants to become. She doesn’t want to feel guilty to feel needed. She wants to feel beautiful. She wants to feel strong. She wants to feel like she belongs. But if belonging means to solely coexist,…

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  • Refuse To Be Silent, a Poetry Reading

    The following video is an excerpt from an open mic poetry reading with THE BRIDGE Progressive Arts Initiative on March 24, 2021 in celebration of Women’s History Month. They’ve put together this video for your viewing pleasure. The 3 poems read are as follows: Ada Limon’s How to Triumph Like a Girl The Elephant Moms…

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