Month: January 2022

  • The Lost Sailor

    a stirring voice beckons, a phantom within a dream. as i pencil my musings the voice channels itself moving deep within me. laughter quickly vanishes to reflecting upon the movement of the sea, to the house that no longer carries childhood dreams. the voice constantly searches vacancies to occupy, from passing through stations to platforms […]

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  • Love Meant to Last

    For a dear friend … I could never understand it, always questioned it. Never could see the bond that was between you. But it was love, the kind that was supposed to last. From the beginning outsiders were struck by the secret love notes, booty shaking teases, and contagious laughter; surely, that kind of love […]

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  • Are We Home Yet?

    You’re the gun and the bullets inches away delivering the deepest wounds. I am wounded, fallen, and hollowed out by you Lying with my insides shredded you believe it was all necessary to keep you sane I beg you to save me, if only you could see how deep these wounds run if only you […]

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  • The Shoes I Walk In

    These shoes of mine could tell a story if they could talk. And they do, they tell enough, just look at them! Not the whole story, though, that’s what the voice is for, fill in the gaps for what people don’t see. Ah, but that’s where I trip up. My voice doesn’t scream as loudly […]

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  • You Won’t See Me on The Side of The Road Standing Alone

    It won’t be me looking down with tears streaming down my face. It won’t be me this time with my hands in my pockets reaching for something that only comes up empty. It won’t be me opening an umbrella in the rain;I want to feel what comes when it comes. And when it comes I […]

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