Month: February 2022

  • Split in Two

    The way I hide away, to remove myself, from myself, from my other self, the one that overthinks, to remain in motion, without hindrance or hesitation, because she doesn’t want to think of how disorganized, an absolute wreck, she is trying to keep it all together. She exhausts herself; gives too much to others until […]

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  • Exhaust

    You give to others to be the love they need You give to others to be the one when no one else is there To be their cheerleader, to be their rock When no one else had cheered for you When you thought the more you give, the more you get To see the smile […]

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  • Thank You For This Gift

    I used to dream of the sea, of lonely nights, the ones of you and me staying up late through all hours of the night planning what we’d do if we were in the same room I don’t dream of that anymore for when I’m in need I turn you on and there you are […]

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  • The Strength In Our Scars

    Reposting because we all need to be reminded. And when I say “we” I mean “I” … When it comes down to it, I think if any of us are going to make it, we simply just have to believe. We have to believe in the power of the small things, in the comfort of […]

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