Month: February 2021

  • Train Ride Home

    inspired by The Last Night of Your Trip on the train ride home your smile flashed between buildings, lights flickered and i couldn’t tell if it was the spark in your eye or the streetlights beaming onto the dark streets. i saw your smile and your handreaching for mine, those bedroom eyes that whispered “bring […]

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  • The Secret Garden

    bore from the most arduous labor, its intoxicating fruit, its sweet blossoming fragrance,pulls in the strongest of hearts. as a vine snakes its way through the depths of a luscious secret garden, distinct impressions produce the richest aromas. even to an untrained eye, the sweetest honey couldn’t go unnoticed. the sweetest honey couldn’t go unnoticed; […]

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  • The Thorn in My Rose

    her name, her existence- a thorn in my side; a sting, a puncture, knowing she captured the sought after prize. though a thorn is easily removed and leaves only a slight wound, i have become an empty vessel, void of a beating heart, bidding for its return soon. unrelenting, unforgiving, i want to bend back […]

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  • The Gentle Birdsong Calling of Spring

    it’s right underneath, brewing under my chest this quiet whisper circling- not spiraling downwards as i often tend to, but in the way a gentle breeze swirls a handful of leaves and they flutter away. there’s an inquisitive nature to it where there is somehow a sense of magic at hand, and yet somehow there […]

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