Month: October 2020

  • Coastal Wanderers

    in the blaze of the summer heat, drips of sweat rippled down our smooth skin backs. we set out for adventure along the Pacific coast, the four of us squeezed in a compact sedan. sisters laughing, shouting, nowhere else to be. engaging winding hair-pin turns, honking, speeding, and slamming on the brakes as the afternoon […]

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  • Sheltered In Place

    they will never know the stillness, the silence, as the world hushes when the first snowflakes drop out of the sky. they will never feel the crisp air or see white blanket the fields as it does every year. kept indoors, safe and warm, where humidity breathes, where mist showers from above, and crawling critters […]

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  • nous avons tout le temps pour nous

    The summer’s ritual of an evening rain gushes down upon my large umbrella. I quickly step to dodge flooding puddles surrounding me. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing most of my life, avoiding disasters. But the person awaiting my arrival, he is my safe haven. Everything leading up to this moment, although it may […]

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  • The Weight of The World is Love

    The Weight of The World is Love

    Originally posted on The Genealogy of Style:
    Jean-Michel Basquiat. Photo  by Allen Ginsberg, December 1987 ? ? SONG The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction the weight, the weight we carry is love. Who can deny? In dreams it touches the body, in thought constructs…

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  • You Never Knew

    you think you know a guy years, months, weeks, day in and day out conversations exchanged how things were left unsaid how we chose, or chose not, to be how we hide behind the way we speak how we say, or don’t say, the things we mean you think you know a guy and suddenly […]

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  • The Season of Changes

    Every Autumn fills with browns and reds, yellows and oranges; Sweeping leaves and a steady wind blowing through trees. Halloween decorations, candy corn, and costume trials as little ones prepare for changes in the air. Days lead up to celebrating another trip around the sun, and yet this season is another reminder of all those […]

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  • Back Where We Started [with audio]

    Driven too far, gone too fast, said too many things to make it last. Now you’ve gone away and we can’t go back, back to where this love once started. Now I drive too long to make sense of it all. Drive too hard to run away from it all. But I can’t go back, […]

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  • Small Promises

    Out there beyond the hill Lights twinkle in time with distant voices Preparing for the new year Making small promises of things to come Promising small victories of things to overcome What will they remember When they look back at the year The fickle promises collapsing around them Or achievements made Or constant redirections to […]

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  • I’m Yours, Completely [with audio]

    I’m in, all in I’m kicking and screaming as loud as can be I’m yours, Completely yours From the tops of the mountains To the valleys below I’m shouting everywhere I go I’m yours, Completely yours I’d move everything I see If it blocked you from me I’m yours, Completely yours As long as you’re […]

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  • My Photos

    Over the years while out and about, there seems to be a need to capture what’s in front of me before the moment and the lighting, the lines, and the beauty escapes the scene. I’ve noticed that my photography includes florals, landscapes, still life, and architecture. If there’s a person in the frame, I wait […]

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