Month: March 2022

  • Send Me A Song

    With a flip of the wrist there’s a song directing you on a time warp, back to the time you fell in love with the girl of your dreams, or so she was at the time. With every turn of the dial there she is and yet, there you are years apart. It only lasts […]

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  • More or Less

    a poetic response to A Longing Less Refined by Tom Alexander You call for less words, less distraction, to sink yourself further. But do you realize the sensuality of your words fuels this flame? How without them this connection wouldn’t exist? Cut the words? I say keep them coming, stack them higher and higher. Not […]

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  • The Pull of You

    There’s no stopping it. There’s no going back. Even if I tried the pull of your force is stronger than my will to go. See how the current meets the sea, not stopping midway to ponder its existence, to debate whether it should or if it belongs.It flows where gravity takes it,where nature pulls and […]

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  • You’ll Want to Sit Down for This

    There’s no easy way to say this; there’s no way of keeping it in. It builds inside of me, telling me to set it free. It’s begging for attention; it’s scrapping up my knees. It’s knocking louder and louder; it’s banging down the front door. What is it, you ask? Well, where do I begin? […]

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