Month: October 2021

  • A Birthday Poem

    dust settles upon another year, another book of memories of short months and long nights, tears wiped away again and again, hard decisions made and my reflection says: still I remain. now a little stronger, a little wiser, countless lessons learned, and full of appreciation for love gained. thankful for new connections, others dismissed, and […]

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  • Wrapped in Chains

    Contemplating her next move the pounding within her chest told her what she already knew: she was nowhere close to break free from the chains wrapped ’round her so tightly. With the escape route blocked; there was no sense in moving for every wriggle tightened the grip. Accepting her fate, another day in this God […]

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  • Forgotten Opportunities

    Now featured in NovaBards Anthology 2021 Throughout my time, it’s been seen mistakes are easier to see than beauty. We point out the negative, the faults. They stick out and prevent us from seeing the truth of the matter. I find myself questioning if it is in our nature or how we’ve been taught to […]

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  • Cravings

    Like a box of chocolates sitting on the kitchen counter, the ones your doctor says to avoid but you bought them anyway because you deserve a chance to indulge in something sweet and it’s your only way of feeling complete after the rest of your life has been torn from you. You nibble on them […]

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  • A Bleeding Heart

    It’s getting late and we’re dying to find out what’s fated us here tonight. You dare to ask what I’ve done, where I’ve been, I’ll tell you more than you’d want to know so let’s start this off slow. The truth can be a dangerous thing; you can’t unhear it once the stories have cleared. […]

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