Month: February 2023

  • Tuesday Morning

    Between these luscious thighs, the back of a lover’s head is held firmly in place while riding undulating waves originating from his face. Without effort, much to my surprise the recalling of poetic words from another voicestill sends me to the highest point of ecstasy, wishing it was your body, your hands holding me closeBut…

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  • Greedy Disaster

    I pull in closer, place my hand upon his lips caress each other, breathing in exploring our hearts for more but a darkness seeps in and my thoughts turn His arms wrap ’round me tightly,a feeling I’ve craved, to be adored.Everything I’ve wanted is right here but the road ahead transports me back in time.…

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  • Psychosis

    Pieces of you unearthin places we’ve been, laughs we’ve shared,all that clinged us together. I crave to tell you‘I miss you’but it’s been awhilesince we last spoke. These are only words,but we’re kidding ourselvesand everyone else; I feel the truth. You once promised to use me like you knew me. I still ache for those…

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