Month: August 2020

  • In Your City

    Originally published in Clay Literary’s RAVEN: eyes squeeze shut all at once with wishes whispered under breaths to be anywhere else, anywhere cooler than the constant heatwave of near 100 degrees. Toes dip into makeshift sandy beaches along the city’s river while children play in water fountains next to erected sandcastles. But here in…

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  • I wish it didn’t sting

    I wish it didn’t sting when rejection tears apart what I’ve poured my heart into, hidden emotions or fragments thereof painting scenes that tiptoe quietly or outright screams. I wish it didn’t sting when he doesn’t think much of me, but rather holds a love kept at a distance that silently breaks both of us…

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  • the loudest sound

    vibrations reverberating emitting from within and all around, complementary yet opposing reaching higher into the stratosphere, returning one by one striking through bone & marrow which ones do I block out? which ones do I hold onto? which ones do I let fall to the ground? I pick one up in my hand, hold it…

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  • Call It What It Is

    Heatwaves radiating across the country, common occurrences every summer now occurring every season. Summer stretches long into Fall, makes a cameo during Winter And begins earlier every Spring. It’s a heatwave, they say. No, it’s global warming. No, it’s now called climate change, haven’t you heard? No, that’s all fake news. It’s only a heatwave,…

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  • If I love You… — forgottenmeadows

    We are more than sunlit afternoons And carefully crafted love letters, More than the poetry and the art we create… But in this moment of playful banter, When you ask me if I love you, I squeeze your hand my heart still flutters When you squeeze back. For more, please follow Forgotten Meadows We are…

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  • Sing to me

    Sing me a song at every chance. With every glance, Capture me with your smile. Make the lyrics repeat in my head. Let your tone send shivers through me. And when I hear the first notes, Let that song send me back to you.

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  • Where does it hurt?

    *trigger warning: depression* It’s a walking numbness, a dull pain that sometimes presents itself in waves. It slowly builds, and one day, every few weeks it explodes. I can’t bring myself out of bed. The rolling tears subside for a moment only to build again and again. The world outside, and the family inside, doesn’t…

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  • Hold On [with audio]

    somewhere deep in the nightwe share our sweetest desiresyou and i holding each other tight miles and miles far awayconfusing night into dayripping off each other’s clotheshow we long to be so close yet this is us for nowwe’ve got to make it through somehowfor one day soon you’ll seeyou’ll be holding me you and i…

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  • the process of becoming

    peel back the layers when you shared the process to the end result, you let me in and i mistook the meaning of a subtle sign that you let me in to a sacred space, seeing what makes you tick. a subtle hand holding but my dizzy head was lost in lust. what else could…

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  • no return address

    sew my eyes shuttape my mouth closedboard me up in a box& send me off attach the postagedrop me offat the postdon’t open until i see you thereand i hear you say ‘my love’and i feel younext to my warm skin until then, leave me here

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