Month: May 2020

  • Wildflowers Amongst Ruins

    Old ruins Forgotten and unkempt Discovered years later Remembering the days Preserving the magic While gardens bloom all around Let the wildflowers grow Where there once were none Let the magic be remembered For all and for one This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains […]

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  • Writer’s Block Strikes Again

    Gather your jumbled up thoughts jot down some fleeting words numerous adjectives, superlatives, and delicious nouns Describe the scene a setting to explain it most certainly could be this only it could be better Conjure up a lost love hint at a depth of longing, desire, fulfillment, and regret but give yourself some credit Leave […]

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  • All I Need

    All these years ofexpectancy,finding someone who will give me all things I want,all things I need I beckon for someone to give me music, give me poetry, give me love, give me everything I need But a voice inside cautions: no one can love you like you need, no one is all things true, no […]

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  • Getting to Know You

    Getting lost in the deep bluewe simply forget everything elsethis is our fantasy, our escapebut there is life outside these four walls Our wants extend us to stay a little longerwe’ve been waiting for this day it’s too soon to walk away I’d rather have my time with your body next to mineI’d rather have my time getting […]

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  • TPQ5 – The Poetry Question

    The Poetry Question queried which 5 books have influenced me over the years. A bit of a challenge as I’m constantly reading, and in my younger years I read a lot of Allen Ginsberg, but these are the ones that have shaped me the most in who I am today. I hope you enjoy and […]

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  • The Raging Heart

    The very machine that gives lifecould easily take mine away The piercing from exhaustionpunctures my living, my breathing Every bodily function is affectedas I reach my hand towards the pulsing and thumpingracing through my chest I don’t want this to be how I endI can’t let them see me this wayI hold on tight to […]

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  • Moving Mountains One by One

    I’ve tumbled through the rolling hills, hiked to the snow-capped peaks, stargazed in the desert with Joshua trees and driven up the Pacific coast to get a closer look at that picturesque ocean where locals claim anything goes I’ve snorkeled through Atlantic waters, crossed the longest bridges, drifted through meandering rivers, and flown over the […]

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  • We Don’t Talk About That

    Drifting thoughts of us strike during the long hours of the dayIt’s that time once againBut we won’t talk about it now We’ll say so much to fit inThe space between the silenceBut those days where we lit up the sky,We won’t talk about that now Fantasies creep inSome days, or most days,What we’ve done […]

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  • We Are Gathered Here Together

    In loving memory of my family… My grandfather, he ordered black coffee, a soup and salad before his meal, steak and potatoes, and always leaving room for dessert at buffets on the other side of town A routine meal to this day is remembered as my favorite meals with him My Dad loved on his […]

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  • Drove To See You

    I drove down to see youstood in your doorway unannouncedyou were there with anotherI again felt like an outsiderI didn’t belongafter I wrote you at lengthmany love songs My poems wrapped in a boxdelivered but only to be forgottenmy heart still in shockyou were going awaynever to be seen againuntil the month of Maywhen I […]

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