Month: April 2023

  • strangers in a café

    Thanks to John Dutton from Spilled Ink VA for putting together poems for National Poetry Month. The theme for this month’s poetry was centered on our home venue Jirani Coffeehouse. We dedicate these poems to the coffeehouse that brings together our love of spoken word and community.

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  • Give Me Back My Time

    Once upon a time all I had was time, all we had was time, time to wait for our time, It was declared that our time will come. Perhaps in a few years, then suddenly it was here.All the time before became a distant memory. All we had in front of us was our time.…

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  • Let Me Bother You

    Crying out into the wind the season’s changing, along with all the cares in the world. We find ourselves cast aside & all I want is to pull you back, back into my arms once again. Standing at the shore, I long to bother you, & tug on your beard. I want to knock you…

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  • Reach Beyond

    curled up in the comfort of your room, a tapping upon your door begins calling you to answer and you… retreatback into your hollow cave retreatback to the sheltered space you’ve made retreatfrom the idea that anyone will ever come to your door retreatfrom searching what’s drifting along the shore retreatfrom the ghost that haunt…

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