Month: January 2021

  • take my hand

    under the light of the moon you hold out your hand & i take hold. you offer a ride with your heart in tow whispering delicately, “let’s see where this journey goes.” as long as we’re bound together there’s no better place for our love to grow.

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  • lead me to your ocean

    what river do i cross again and again? the river where bloodthirsty love begins. toes dip in at first sight. oohing & aahing with every delight. swimming further downstream fulfilling love-drunk dreams. kiss me, love me, do what you please. pull me into your ocean where you shall lead.

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  • Home

    is this my home? spinning ‘round n round going from high to low and back ‘round again. is this that place where a heart feels heard and shoulders ease? for far too long the tongue’s been tied and the shoulders tense from being left in the dark because my stories don’t matter. the voice has…

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  • The Looking Glass

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  • Cupcake Dreams

    moonbeams and cupcake dreams. sugar highs into the night. we’re whispering nothings, how our lives could be. knowing the truth, looking into your eyes you are the moonlight in my darkest of nights. so, love, break my heart into a thousand pieces because all of my insides are craving your sweet creamy filling. This poem…

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  • nous avons tout le temps

    This poem has been revisited often in the past few months. The original poem can be found here: Nous Avons Tout Le Temps Pour Nous. This final version below can also be found in Coffee Shop Sessions III: In the Arms of Love.

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