Meet Me By The Shore

A sequel to Walking Down To The Lake

There she is, a former glow
that once filled a room the moment
she granted it with her presence,
a memory of what used to be.

The frigid air blowing through the trees
on this winter night reminds us
that the warmth we used to know
left us long ago.

What would it take
but a grasp of her hand,
an inviting smile, a long embrace
to shake off the rigid worn down years.

Is it too late, is it futile
to think that any chance of rekindling
is possible after years of solid

When I asked her here
fifty-five years ago
to meet me by the shore
little did we know,
little did we care about the world,
but oh, how we loved.

When the night stills
I want to ask her again
to meet me here at this shore
and not to begin again,
but to continue on
in the love of our lives we once knew.

I don’t know about you, but seeing old couples in or out of love is more heartwarming or heartbreaking. Is it because they are more vulnerable? Looking back at examples between various parents and grandparents, it’s the love stories of perseverance that strike me the most. Here are some tips from couples with experience on how to keep the flame going: Life hacks from old couples.

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