A Million Images Birthed by A Single Sound

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

Hypnotizing like a new favorite song
a voice comes across the sound waves in our quiet home.

For hours at a time
we study every word, every tone.

Senses heighten to vibrations spurred
yet not once have eyes met where our minds travel,
not once have hands touched where our souls join.

How does a voice ignite the deepest depths in mere minutes
to anyone who’s listening?

Is it any wonder that we come so close
yet remain so far?

These moments play on repeat
fulfilling an everlasting desired need.

Will we get the chance to speak these words
that dance across the wind?

Will we ever strum the chords
that play to the music of the night?

Will we ever inhale the words breathed between gasps for air
And exhale the sweetest sounds as we lay bare?

Let us dream it isn’t too late,
Or in the dream we shall forever remain.

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