This Is Our Moment

in a black graduation gown,
and black heels,
feeling the weight of my 8th month pregnant belly
down to my swollen ankles,
I walk from the parking garage
into the thick, sweltering heat towards the hall.

where am I headed,
the destination is unknown,
but I am headed down to where my family,
my estranged parents,
my supportive in-laws,
and my 4 and half year old daughter
will witness an achievement
that no one else in my family has ever seen before.

I will be the first,
and I pray to God that my daughter,
both in the audience
and the unborn one inside of me,
will follow in these footsteps-
take each painful step and still rise
to the challenge
to show everyone that they can.

I reach the stage,
the announcer calls my name,
and tears and a smile reach my face,
as my heart pounds,
my feet ache,
and the baby inside me is overjoyed.

yes, this is my moment, and it is yours, too.

Written in a poetry workshop with Carlos Andres Gomez, July 1, 2020. Check out this incredible poet here: The prompt was to write about a celebratory moment where you are physically in the moment, I chose the day of my Master’s degree graduation.

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