Three poems

a poem written three times, each version has its own distinct story, while a line or two remains the same.

heeding the pull
of my heart,
messengers of truth
warned us from the start

spoken dreams know
their own curse,
silencing them now
timepieces have reversed

our covert love
begged for air
as buried keepsakes
pained to be bare

our connection:
aimless; as we weep,

failed to ignore the
pulls on my heartstrings
after attempts to neglect
repeatedly listening

intimate poetry, I know
every verse
returning to it again now,
timepieces have reversed

like seagulls flocking
along the breeze
deep magenta love
floated out to the sea

what started this connection
with a seductive whisper
fell asleep
with a silent whimper

sprouting from the underground,
reaching for the light,
messengers of truth
tell us the news

spoken dreams
awaken us now,
emboldened by our own worth,
timepieces have reversed

our covert existence,
like buried keepsakes
begged for air,
pained to be bare

our struggles,
spotlight moments in
Hollywood movies; as we weep,
the only way we’ll be seen

the dust
has not yet settled
we will not give up
until each of us is handed
a golden cup,
a symbol of worth
a symbol that we are
no longer defeated,
we are the new leaders

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