The Elephant Moms

In a distant land there lies a village of elephant moms.

They’ve bonded over time through struggles and times of joy.

They lift each other up and surround themselves and their families in love.

They carry the torch from one to the other in times of need to keep the light shining.

They heal, protect, feed, and nurture each other.

These elephant moms unconsciously subscribe to the way of the pack and before too long they’ve become stronger together.

I pledge to be in your pack.

I pledge to protect you from harm’s way.

I pledge to heal you when you are weak.

I pledge to feed you when you are hungry.

I pledge to nurture you to become a stronger woman, mother, friend, sister, daughter, and wife.

I pledge to be there in times of need.

I pledge to lead when you need to follow.

I pledge to support you and lift you up.

As I know that you will do the same for me.

Dedicated to Amy Miller, 1979-2017

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