First loves inspired my first writings
Battles of insecurities
Mixed with lovesick blues
All poured out onto paper as quickly as they could
Waves of inspirations beating against the currents

Then inspirations went out the door
And out of sight

Then all at once it came back again
A chain reaction
A flood gate opening
A tidal wave of poetry

Poetry then turned to song
Songs I never knew how to structure
Songs that never knew their origin
Came so quickly only to be rewritten time and time again

Then I got in too deep
I rushed out to shore to take a step back
To stop the waves from crashing into me

Until the next storm came
And it started all over again
Art pouring out of me
Left and right words came
Emotions tormented me
All the words I could never say
All went to poetry

Listen to my poems on SoundCloud
This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One

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