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  • Inspirations

    First loves inspired my first writings Battles of insecurities Mixed with lovesick blues All poured out onto paper as quickly as they could Waves of inspirations beating against the currents Then inspirations went out the door And out of sight Then all at once it came back again A chain reaction A flood gate opening…

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  • More

    You want her She wants you, too A million miles between you An ocean of desire moves you Tidal waves rock you back and forth How will you ever reach that shore You keep hoping for more Listen to my poems on SoundCloud This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee…

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  • How We Begin [with audio]

    We arrange to meet in that room, The one with the two armchairs, A bed, and a shower We swap breathless monologues Then we begin The unbuttoning of my blouse, Kisses going down my neck, Hands upon my chest, Our bodies speak in thrusts. I’ve been waiting for a moment like this Eyes locked tight,…

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  • Danger Ahead

    Such a dangerous thing To let myself get wrapped up in you Destroying every moment Restricting all other movement Everything is you You’re near, yet too far Too far to take this to the next level Where we can tousle around late at night You’ve got me hypnotized Taking me to greater heights Destroy me,…

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  • Game of Seduction [with audio]

    Your seduction is a game You know all the cards to play With precise calculation Just enough to keep me coming back Every gesture, Every caress, Every touch, Every glance, Every last bit of my body is conquered I am weakened to the core And heightened with each rise. Then with a whisper against my…

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  • Magic in the Mystery [with audio]

    There’s magic in the mystery These feelings between you and me Figuring out all the words to say They get stuck in the way Figuring out all the endless possibilities Of the future between you and me There’s something, no doubt So, why try to figure it out You’ve got to give it up You’ve…

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  • Dark Italian with Cream

    Thanks to Robert Charboneau for this poem. Although my blog and book are both titled ‘Coffee Shop Sessions’ this is the first poem that is actually about coffee! Follow Robert on Twitter or on his blog for more of his poetry and drawings.

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  • Seize the Moment

    It’s Sunday morning I run down to the park We lock eyes while you’re strolling by Electricity ignites deep inside Do I stop?Do you dare say hello?Do we say anything at all? So much we want to say So much we want to do So much we’ve longed for To only have this passing moment…

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  • War Stories

    My war stories My love scars If only you knew, what would you do? Would it help you know me? Do you want to know me at all? Do you care to share your stories Or do you want to keep them safe?Do you want to show your cards Or keep them close to your…

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  • Great Expectations

    My expectations are high;I want to find a love that will lift me to the sky.I’ve got this crazy idea in my mind;You’ll be the love I’ve been hoping to find.But you’re just a guyDestined to make mistakes. We give and take Along the way We hope for something more But this is all we’ve…

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