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  • Greedy Disaster

    I pull in closer, place my hand upon his lips caress each other, breathing in exploring our hearts for more but a darkness seeps in and my thoughts turn His arms wrap ’round me tightly,a feeling I’ve craved, to be adored.Everything I’ve wanted is right here but the road ahead transports me back in time.…

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  • Midnight Ritual

    Eyes circle the ceiling,lapping rapidlylooking to reach an end.Faster than anyone can explain they hurdle over the present to the mounting what if’s from ‘what about this…’ to ‘what about that…’ over and over again. The pounding within increases preventing myself from breathing. The more it goes, the more I’m in too deep. There’s talk…

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  • Deep Blues

    I gravitate to the deep blues – the color, the feeling, the music – all that it invokes. “Be careful, if it’s too blue you’ll lose that smile.” Don’t you know I lost it long ago? Don’t you know what it’s like to live in the blues? Those deep Van Gogh blues.

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  • Rewire the Circuitry

    I pull at these formations under my skin in the hopes that these wires of mine could be undone, to reprogram this life from its beginning. I tell them it’s not you, it’s me; I need to learn how to rewire my circuitry. My programming was at fault; I blame the programmer from the start.…

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  • Split in Two

    The way I hide away, to remove myself, from myself, from my other self, the one that overthinks, to remain in motion, without hindrance or hesitation, because she doesn’t want to think of how disorganized, an absolute wreck, she is trying to keep it all together. She exhausts herself; gives too much to others until…

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  • Exhaust

    You give to others to be the love they need You give to others to be the one when no one else is there To be their cheerleader, to be their rock When no one else had cheered for you When you thought the more you give, the more you get To see the smile…

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  • Are We Home Yet?

    You’re the gun and the bullets inches away delivering the deepest wounds. I am wounded, fallen, and hollowed out by you Lying with my insides shredded you believe it was all necessary to keep you sane I beg you to save me, if only you could see how deep these wounds run if only you…

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  • Disconnected

    Particles of despair spin midair. They soon become swallowed and part of me before there’s a chance of being wiped away. I try and I try and only return to asking: How is this pain necessary? Is not struggling even an option? Is my negative perspective the only guideline I carry? The nature of it…

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  • Dare To Defy

    shapes and shadows strike awe and wonder lines connect pulling images together signifying tenderness you’ve longed to hold her reflection resembles the moon smiling back she pulls you, her rising tides keep you intrigued when she starts to recede you continue, there’s no other way there’s no other choice, hold on tight while she gently…

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  • Sudden Attack

    The heart stops, stomach drops, and fear attacks tearing and scraping the insides. Stepping back, it’s not the right time. It’s too delicate; my hands are tied. I stall. I ruminate. I do all the things not to destroy this. I dread that I will, gravely… to the point of not moving. This is what…

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