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  • The Houses Are Empty and We Cannot Be Saved

    indulging upon a landscape you longed to sink yourself into, eyes scanned every inch where your fingertips dutifully awaited to graze. words escaped the space between us as the air filled with sighs. “I could write a thousand poems…” you said as the sun came out from hiding. and I realized how hollow the room…

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  • Navigating the Breakers

    A sting reaches our eyes as we collect salt and mist from the unchartered seaknowing where we’ve been, knowing where it will lead. Glimpses of our futurepepper through the days of our past on that boat sailing against the breeze, wondering which of our days will last. Mirroring smiles reflect how we take on the…

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  • Let the Music Play

    we were an unsinkable ship,built to sustain any injurythrown our way, or so we said. cast into the dark,yet illuminated with infinite possibilities. suddenly slipping through our fingersthe bitter cold quickly rushed in,and the music played on. while the chaos surrounded usand the children were tucked safely in their bed,the music played on. while prayers…

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  • I was meant to love you

    I remember you in the morning, the way the light hit your eyes, the way your smile matched mine, the way your fingers grazed over my peaks and valleys, the way you wandered over my warm skin, inhaling its intoxicating scent. And I remember the feeling that it was a perfect dream, one that we…

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  • the other morning

    Lying in bed after a night’s sleep, I peek at the clock to confirm the hour before the sun comes up. It’s too early to stir the house awake, too early to reach for the phone, for those good morning kisses. It’s the only thing I want to wake up to, seeing you across from…

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  • Look Up…

    Above the streets, into the buildings & trees, do you see what only we see: a needed escape, an expression of pleasing— head back, eyes closed, legs parted, a kiss on the lips— it takes us to the moment where we rise into pure ecstasy; there’s no other place we’d rather be.

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  • The Secret Garden

    bore from the most arduous labor, its intoxicating fruit, its sweet blossoming fragrance,pulls in the strongest of hearts. as a vine snakes its way through the depths of a luscious secret garden, distinct impressions produce the richest aromas. even to an untrained eye, the sweetest honey couldn’t go unnoticed. the sweetest honey couldn’t go unnoticed;…

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  • lead me to your ocean

    what river do i cross again and again? the river where bloodthirsty love begins. toes dip in at first sight. oohing & aahing with every delight. swimming further downstream fulfilling love-drunk dreams. kiss me, love me, do what you please. pull me into your ocean where you shall lead.

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  • Cupcake Dreams

    moonbeams and cupcake dreams. sugar highs into the night. we’re whispering nothings, how our lives could be. knowing the truth, looking into your eyes you are the moonlight in my darkest of nights. so, love, break my heart into a thousand pieces because all of my insides are craving your sweet creamy filling. This poem…

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  • nous avons tout le temps

    This poem has been revisited often in the past few months. The original poem can be found here: Nous Avons Tout Le Temps Pour Nous. This final version below can also be found in Coffee Shop Sessions III: In the Arms of Love.

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