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is this my home?
spinning ‘round n round
going from high to low
and back ‘round again.

is this that place where a heart feels heard
and shoulders ease?
for far too long the tongue’s been tied
and the shoulders tense

from being left in the dark
because my stories don’t matter.
the voice has been shushed
and pushed into a corner steadily decaying.

do you hear me
as you untie my wrappings?
do you wish to pull out my stories
while uncovering my parts and pieces?

do you turn the lights on
and keep them shining,
to see all of me?
or do you take only what you need?

is this where I belong
or do I hide in the dark
to seek comfort and refuge
from a stranger’s company.

i would tell if you asked.
i would say so if only you took the chance.

The Looking Glass

the looking glass
possesses fragments of a view.
surrounding figures and forms
collapse as our fingertips meet.
yet, steady is the scene
encompassing pieces of you.

limbs undulate tenderly
with the slightest breeze.
wildflowers spread their seeds
dropping impressions
attempting to gain greater visibility.

such bits linger out of view,
boulders that were planted eons before,
torrential rains that flooded these plains
leaving ridges deep and wide.

yet, this singular slice,
the object of my heart’s deep affection,
is purely the only matter
that requires my line of direction.

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Cupcake Dreams

moonbeams and cupcake dreams.
sugar highs into the night.
we’re whispering nothings,
how our lives could be.

knowing the truth,
looking into your eyes
you are the moonlight
in my darkest of nights.

so, love, break my heart
into a thousand pieces
because all of my insides
are craving your sweet creamy filling.

This poem can also be found in Coffee Shop Sessions III: In the Arms of Love.

I’m Yours, Completely [with audio]

*spoken word*

I’m in, all in
I’m kicking and screaming as loud as can be
I’m yours,
Completely yours

From the tops of the mountains
To the valleys below
I’m shouting everywhere I go
I’m yours,
Completely yours

I’d move everything I see
If it blocked you from me
I’m yours,
Completely yours

As long as you’re near
There is nothing we should fear
I’m yours,
Completely yours

From the moment we first kissed
My heart immediately knew it
I’m yours,
Completely yours

This poem is available in Coffee Shop Sessions II. Click here to purchase on Amazon: Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One.

One More Moondance, My Love

Originally published in Clay Literary’s RAVEN: https://www.clayliterary.com/post/raven-issue-eight-09-06-2020

A cool October evening presented itself in front of us,
the full moon in the sky hovered above, and the tension
between us lent itself to lyrics that resonated to every

following Autumn. ‘Can I just have one more Moondance
with you, my love?’ you sang as we walked arm in arm. It
was our first song, my first song sung to me. And to this

day, the smile, the tone of your voice, the way you
captured me, still sends shivers right through me.
From the first taps of the piano to the trumpet blaring

three-quarters of the way through, it all sends me back
to you. I halt everything to remember your voice, your smile,
to be wrapped in a moment with you once again.

Dear love

Dear love,
Thoughts of you the other day brought smiles. Today thoughts of you produced overrun swells in my eyes. The many years we’ve been separated, but how our hearts have always been close, how many more years will it be like this? Living in fantasy and memories all of the time is no way of living. The truth of what can never be, will I ever set these feelings free? This arrested state of bliss, of dreaming of our next kiss… and the pain of knowing that it may be a million years away. We’re so close yet always out of reach. I sit and dream of you, and wonder… will our dreams ever come true.

Awaiting The Day

Without hesitation I drop you a line
Hours later in time
I await your reply
thinking what will it be
and hoping for you to excite me

I’m thinking of you
and wish it were true
that you’ve been thinking of me, too

My pulsing, racing heart
awaits the day we’re sprawled out in the sheets
with salty, sweet dreams of our bodies
tangling and beating to the rhythms
flowing through the currents
between our curves

As time moves on
we beg the question
and pray how will it be
please, let it lift us to the sky

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This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One

A Pause…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It was all so close
Was it just a dream for us to walk along the Thames
Was it all in my head that we’d walk along the Seine
To breathe in the spring flower beds
To wrap ourselves in the warmth of our kisses

The breeze would flow through my hair
The sun would shine brightly in our eyes
The energy would flow rapidly between us
But we’d say nothing at all
For we’d know everything as we are one

With a chance at history brewing at our fingertips
I left love notes where to meet
Yet, a meeting that would never be
Two pairs of eyes that would never get to see
The chemistry ignited between these two bodies

It’s only a pause I remind myself
Leaving more time to create
For this love won’t rest on a shelf
This love will prove itself
Worthy of the wait