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  • Pilgrimage to the Motherland

    City Lights Books, San Francisco, CA – 2019 Standing in the presence of historyWitness all that has come beforeBewildered in amazementWhat a glorious sight! Speak to me, my wise old poets,Speak to me while I stand here where it all began,Feed me your recipesGathering in the Poetry RoomCircling around the Poet’s chairCozied up in the…

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  • The Basis of My Character(s)

    These are my characters Some of them have affairs Some of them are drowning While gasping for air There’s a hint of something there That may never be Nothing more Than a simple connection between you and me These characters have flaws, That is true These characters may seem similar But trust me, They’re not…

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  • What I’m Listening To

    As much as music and poetry are intertwined, here is a Spotify playlist I’ve put together with songs that have either inspired or helped me over the years. This playlist is ever growing so check back often.

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  • Inspirations

    First loves inspired my first writings Battles of insecurities Mixed with lovesick blues All poured out onto paper as quickly as they could Waves of inspirations beating against the currents Then inspirations went out the door And out of sight Then all at once it came back again A chain reaction A flood gate opening…

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