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  • strangers in a café

    Thanks to John Dutton from Spilled Ink VA for putting together poems for National Poetry Month. The theme for this month’s poetry was centered on our home venue Jirani Coffeehouse. We dedicate these poems to the coffeehouse that brings together our love of spoken word and community.

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  • Tossed Asides

    After Daniel Morris and his countless rejections How many times have I scratched the depths Of my soul, picked away at which superlative, Which adjective, to convey the paralyzing Times measured in my life to share? I gather my terms, put on a showcase, Step out into the world to give my all- A slither…

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  • Eager Hearts Waiting

    we soak in lines— words, pauses, curves— and breaths taken in between. each one leading to the next, each one lingering a little longer, and yet we jump, hearts eager, blindly leaping for the next.

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  • The Basis of My Character(s)

    These are my characters Some of them have affairs Some of them are drowning While gasping for air There’s a hint of something there That may never be Nothing more Than a simple connection between you and me These characters have flaws, That is true These characters may seem similar But trust me, They’re not…

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  • More or Less

    a poetic response to A Longing Less Refined by Tom Alexander You call for less words, less distraction, to sink yourself further. But do you realize the sensuality of your words fuels this flame? How without them this connection wouldn’t exist? Cut the words? I say keep them coming, stack them higher and higher. Not…

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  • The Lost Sailor

    a stirring voice beckons, a phantom within a dream. as i pencil my musings the voice channels itself moving deep within me. laughter quickly vanishes to reflecting upon the movement of the sea, to the house that no longer carries childhood dreams. the voice constantly searches vacancies to occupy, from passing through stations to platforms…

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  • Forgotten Opportunities

    Now featured in NovaBards Anthology 2021 Throughout my time, it’s been seen mistakes are easier to see than beauty. We point out the negative, the faults. They stick out and prevent us from seeing the truth of the matter. I find myself questioning if it is in our nature or how we’ve been taught to…

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  • There’s something there…

    say it was in the stars, something supernatural led me to you. say it was the moon pulling my tides closer to you. it’s something deeper than a mere connection. it’s something in the waiting & it grows with our knowing. you can’t put your finger on it. there’s something there. some will call it…

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  • Simple Thoughts

    writers ponder over verses but words become mystified, inadequate. where other poets generously use adjectives and sweet metaphors to describe the mysteries of life, i have the simplest of thoughts: i think of you, i think of us, i think of our love, and i think we’ll be alright.

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  • Tears of a Poet

    When I think of Carlos, a beautiful soul of a man, emotional, heartfelt poetry bleeds through Tears creep on the brink of every reading His hand held over his heart to keep it in He makes a mark wherever he goes The rhythm of his words flow And it leaves you speechless All you can…

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