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  • Get Lost in the Pouring Rain

    So feeble We fumble Bodies tangling, intertwining We get lost in the moment, In the rush Drifting off to our own space No time like the present We’re looking for answers in the pouring rain If you could get by For one night Without looking for the answers If you could For one night Love…

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  • Don’t Walk In Anger

    I twist in the night, in anger. I wake in the morning, in anger. I know the dreams are just dreams but the aching is tangible, it’s at the forefront that I can’t shake. It’s too early to feel this way, with holes punctured through the heart. A feeling that I’ve been used as target…

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  • nous avons tout le temps pour nous

    The summer’s ritual of an evening rain gushes down upon my large umbrella. I quickly step to dodge flooding puddles surrounding me. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing most of my life, avoiding disasters. But the person awaiting my arrival, he is my safe haven. Everything leading up to this moment, although it may…

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  • Dew Drops Remain

    Only dew drops now remain atop blades from the torrential rain. The lightning strikes lessen in succession. But the dew remembers from where it came.

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  • Raining underneath

    by Mark Ryan – Check out more of his work here: Havoc and Consequence Underneath. Down here where it’s calm. Where the black beauty of the abyss touches my feet. All is quiet. All is still. I’m entombed as if in a coffin. Locked forever in my own space Controlling the promise of my ever…

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  • Meet Me in the Rain

    Meet me in the rain So I can explain The sun’s gone And it’s been too long I look at your pictures on the wall I shouldn’t keep them up for too long I miss the sound of you down the hall So I avoid the sound of you at all It’s as if the…

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  • Endless Night

    At the end of the day The rain now steadily falls I’ve laid here for hours Waiting for sleep to come Keeping my mind company, I’ve put a few records on Spinning my favorites and laying low, Leonard, Elliot, Thom, and Isakov, Each song delivers a blow Throwing me back to years ago I’ve laid…

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