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  • In a Sea of Lonely Nights

    A lonely boy in a sea of lonely nights in that last hour of the day capturing words he wishes he had said writing them down so they’re out of his head Music fills the air soothing the tension lessening the cares Take a trip to the other side: what makes the other person tick,…

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  • Our Song

    Spinning the same song that connected us gets harder to hear. Each verse cuts deeper into what never was, what could have been; the longing to be near. With my fingertips crossing your beard, your fingers grazing my thighs, those longing sleepless nights I’ve waited to be alongside the one that knew the depth of…

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  • Nightly Routine

    Late at night Lying in bedHeadphones onListening to musicOr a few recorded poemsReading the latest I attempt to craft a new oneOr brush up a draft not quite finished It’s becoming routineI’ve always beenAn undercover poetNow I’m sharing my words With my family’s support as an added bonus Shared are the happenings,The disappointments,The contests never…

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  • Words at Night

    All the words to say The sad ones The lonely ones The grateful ones The mad ones They circulate through you But never leave your lips Raging out onto paper For all to read But the ones closest to you Will never see Those words escape effortlessly Words poured out late at night And splayed…

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  • Wait and See

    Standing Out by the water I see you’re alone Do I care to bother you Or should I leave you with your thoughts, Let you decide If this is what you want Will you come to me Or do I beg you to stay in this space I can see it written all over your…

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  • The Truth Within

    I’ve drowned, too trying to stay afloat swimming in those eyes of ocean blue navigating through hypnotic moves and poetic words that make you feel he only has eyes for you But in truth, you’re another hole he’s been trying to fill another escape to let his mind erase the truth within

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  • Awaiting The Day

    Without hesitation I drop you a line Hours later in time I await your reply thinking what will it be and hoping for you to excite me I’m thinking of you and wish it were true that you’ve been thinking of me, too My pulsing, racing heart awaits the day we’re sprawled out in the…

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  • How We Begin [with audio]

    We arrange to meet in that room, The one with the two armchairs, A bed, and a shower We swap breathless monologues Then we begin The unbuttoning of my blouse, Kisses going down my neck, Hands upon my chest, Our bodies speak in thrusts. I’ve been waiting for a moment like this Eyes locked tight,…

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