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  • Reach Beyond

    curled up in the comfort of your room, a tapping upon your door begins calling you to answer and you… retreatback into your hollow cave retreatback to the sheltered space you’ve made retreatfrom the idea that anyone will ever come to your door retreatfrom searching what’s drifting along the shore retreatfrom the ghost that haunt…

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  • Rising Waters

    soft rolling waves lap the shoreline,suddenly crash rapidly upon you. such tenderness used to comfort, now makes you recoil deeper. from all that you managed to bear and remain to endure, still you dig deep into the sand to push it away. recoil into yourself. a shift in the tide was not part of the…

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  • Pilgrimage to the Motherland

    City Lights Books, San Francisco, CA – 2019 Standing in the presence of historyWitness all that has come beforeBewildered in amazementWhat a glorious sight! Speak to me, my wise old poets,Speak to me while I stand here where it all began,Feed me your recipesGathering in the Poetry RoomCircling around the Poet’s chairCozied up in the…

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  • Psychosis

    Pieces of you unearthin places we’ve been, laughs we’ve shared,all that clinged us together. I crave to tell you‘I miss you’but it’s been awhilesince we last spoke. These are only words,but we’re kidding ourselvesand everyone else; I feel the truth. You once promised to use me like you knew me. I still ache for those…

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  • Walking Down To The Lake

    The clock slowly ticks half past eight, with only a few beers consumed it’s not nearly enough to forget the night but enough for us to realize something here is not quite right. I gather my things, grab the leash for the dog and jet off for a walk down to the lake, breaking tension…

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  • Tossed Asides

    After Daniel Morris and his countless rejections How many times have I scratched the depths Of my soul, picked away at which superlative, Which adjective, to convey the paralyzing Times measured in my life to share? I gather my terms, put on a showcase, Step out into the world to give my all- A slither…

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  • Eager Hearts Waiting

    we soak in lines— words, pauses, curves— and breaths taken in between. each one leading to the next, each one lingering a little longer, and yet we jump, hearts eager, blindly leaping for the next.

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  • The Basis of My Character(s)

    These are my characters Some of them have affairs Some of them are drowning While gasping for air There’s a hint of something there That may never be Nothing more Than a simple connection between you and me These characters have flaws, That is true These characters may seem similar But trust me, They’re not…

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  • Refrain

    We loved but we were never lovers, not like the ones in old Hollywood movies who walk into each other’s lives and leave hoping we could have been more,for there was nothing more to this story that could have turned out differently. All that remains are brief moments of calling out your name now and…

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  • She Called Out, “Sway with Me”

    Strolling through the flower fields one late summer afternoon, a striking beauty caught my eye, though my hands were full of high importance. I caught a glimpse of its petals swaying in the breeze and thought to myself, what a graceful dance she possesses to simply put my mind at ease. She was not the…

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