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  • Falling Blossoms

    These arms serve as refuge through seasons, storms, the sweltering sun, & gusts of wind. As warm days near their end, the air turns cold and emerald tonesturn to amber and crimson. But imminent days lie ahead; life will be renewed. Until then the promise of spring blossoms and brighter days continues.

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  • Revolving Door

    He says, “you’ve been a great lover, opened up doors for me, been there when I needed you but I’m going to leave you, woman for I know you could do better than me” He picks up his suitcase, then he’s running out the door And that’s the way it is that’s the way it’ll…

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  • The Portrait of Disappointment

    after Joni Mitchell* after years of hoping things would change giving in to “well, that’s the way it is,” look me in eyes and realize this is who we are, who we’ve become, it’s finally come true – our love’s become old news. we never lived up to the story of make-believe; when we face…

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  • Right Outside My Window

    Watch it as it goesOut the windowAnd out into the world.Watch as it no longer has a home.Watch as it slowly slips through your fingersBut somehow you know it had a piece of your soul. That void is opening, getting larger,Slowly drifting out and now you wish it could come back home,Even for a moment,Just…

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  • The Immemorial Breeze

    After Robbie Krieger A rhythm begins within, grows its pacesteadying adjacent to my lungsgently caressing and heightening in time. As I reach for an opened dooramong this unsteady foundation, I become one with an ultimate fascination. A gentle breeze sways its waylifting me across the fields. Absorbed with awe above each tempestuous treetop and with…

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  • Speak for the Trees

    tears fall from the tips of leaves, no longer heaving but finally at peace, no longer a place for relief, no longer bending to the constant breeze, no longer kept afloat meandering rivers, no longer subject to raging fires, no longer a victim to defeat. tides no longer pulling at the heart, stars no longer…

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  • Moving Forward

    Originally published in Teen Belle Magazine at https://teenbellemag.wixsite.com/tbmag/post/moving-forward-by-kimberly-ray Treading forward, wind pushing against my back Finding a grip in the blowing sand Gust ripping and I’m alone again Ruminating about the sunset What I’ll see if I continue moving Head down, pushing against the wind Marching forward, finding where I’ll begin I will get my…

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  • Deconstruction Site

    How many times do we take the leap before we realize we’ve jumped in too deep How many times do we stop to realize we need to protect our insides How many times does this heart have to break; this love, you too shall take He was the one healing the deepest scar, the wound…

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  • Mementos

    One by one counting memories: An old photograph of us at the beach, A sweater that won’t rid itself of your scent, Books and CDs that you lent, I’ve packed them away They won’t see another day I’ve packed the boxes, Made the plans, The rooms are empty But I am motionless Is it that…

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  • Meet Me in the Rain

    Meet me in the rain So I can explain The sun’s gone And it’s been too long I look at your pictures on the wall I shouldn’t keep them up for too long I miss the sound of you down the hall So I avoid the sound of you at all It’s as if the…

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