A Dream Landscape

original photo from AdoreMe.com

Dream of love in lace
covering favorite go-to places.

Dreams far from anything you’ve ever recognized,
all desires realized.

Dreams that leave you transformed, molded,
leaving you painted in bold colors.

Dreams of the most flattering shapes
forming a perfect match of colliding lovers in a dream landscape.

A divine love operating with mouths agape.
Sighs, not words, are the only sounds that’ll escape.

Train Ride Home

inspired by The Last Night of Your Trip

on the train ride home
your smile flashed between buildings,
lights flickered and i couldn’t tell
if it was the spark in your eye
or the streetlights beaming
onto the dark streets.

i saw your smile and your hand
reaching for mine,
those bedroom eyes
that whispered “bring me
to your hotel.”

we weren’t made for cheap
sex, we were poets
who felt everything down
to our souls.
it wasn’t just one night with another,
it was our lives coming together.

your smile chased me
between the streets.
your breath next to mine
will always be the one thing
that sends me off
to the sweetest dreams.

The Parisian Cafe

Photo by Timea Kadar on Pexels.com

In the city of lights, the city of love, there I was
without them both idly observing passersby
outside a café one summer evening
pacing back and forth, stealing covert glances,
hoping for one to catch my eye.

Was someone out there to hold onto
or had each moment longed for escaped?

Heartbroken and alone,
the emptiness needed a fill.
In need of a drink combined with the heat
stroked the urge
to forget why I was there.

In a daze walking into that dark café,
it appeared those glances weren’t wasted.
A pair of hands slowly reached for mine
pulling me into the intimacy of the night.

Before I knew it, we were swept away
and headed back to his place.

Love bites marked a moment not soon forgotten,
a moment not to be hidden.
The marks of a lustful moment,
wantonness craved,
and a need to escape.

I was not my usual self.
I’m not always carefree.
I blame the drink and the city,
for its toxicity drowned me.

*A revision of the original poem from June 2020.

A Muse

Another thing to adore
another body to explore
a muse to rouse you
right on cue

I’m more than you think
a mind,
a soul,
a bad-ass beyond control

Comfort needed for my pain
loved longing for you again
take this two steps back
unsure how to react
I’ve spilled my love for you
Now I’m angered by you

a muse…

We Don’t Talk About That

Drifting thoughts of us strike during the long hours of the day
It’s that time once again
But we won’t talk about it now

We’ll say so much to fit in
The space between the silence
But those days where we lit up the sky,
We won’t talk about that now

Fantasies creep in
Some days, or most days,
What we’ve done behind locked doors,
Bodies exposed, breathing close
But we don’t talk about that now

Not now, not even close…

Caught In The Act

Working long hours between covert exchanges abound
it becomes a late night at the office
with no one else around,
we absolve the need to be cautious

Behind the locked door,
you parade around the desk,
perch yourself closer than ever before
as your fingers reach the hem of my dress

Fingers creeping higher
as my eyes heighten with alert,
tension in the air lessens with a burning fire
developing under my skirt

Time stands still,
frozen in place
fingers begin to fill
such a sensational space

Eyes wide, locked tight
the thrill of getting entangled in the act
quickly heats up the night
as you observe how my body will soon react…

Awaiting The Day

Without hesitation I drop you a line
Hours later in time
I await your reply
thinking what will it be
and hoping for you to excite me

I’m thinking of you
and wish it were true
that you’ve been thinking of me, too

My pulsing, racing heart
awaits the day we’re sprawled out in the sheets
with salty, sweet dreams of our bodies
tangling and beating to the rhythms
flowing through the currents
between our curves

As time moves on
we beg the question
and pray how will it be
please, let it lift us to the sky

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This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One

How We Begin [with audio]

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com
*spoken word*

We arrange to meet in that room,
The one with the two armchairs,
A bed, and a shower
We swap breathless monologues
Then we begin

The unbuttoning of my blouse,
Kisses going down my neck,
Hands upon my chest,
Our bodies speak in thrusts.
I’ve been waiting for a moment like this

Eyes locked tight, mouths open,
Fingers tracing every curve,
Feeling breathless and alive,
Unlocking the magic in every nerve

These are the moments we cling to
As we pull each other closer
There is no other truth:
We could ride this wave forever

Sweat dripping
Our bodies in overdrive
We move slow and then fast
We don’t want this moment to pass

We barely know each other at all
But we know enough;
Just what we like,
Where we want to be touched

Fingers moving up and down my spine
Legs lifting, searching
For what’s between the thighs
I feel your urgency
We’re ready for this surge of electricity

We linger in the afterglow
Our bodies red
Hands moving slow
Soaking in the emotion

This is how we begin

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This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One

Danger Ahead

Such a dangerous thing
To let myself get wrapped up in you
Destroying every moment
Restricting all other movement
Everything is you

You’re near, yet too far
Too far to take this to the next level
Where we can tousle around late at night
You’ve got me hypnotized
Taking me to greater heights

Destroy me,
Slay me,
Use me
In every possible way

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This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One