Tag: lost love

  • Meet Me in the Rain

    Meet me in the rain So I can explain The sun’s gone And it’s been too long I look at your pictures on the wall I shouldn’t keep them up for too long I miss the sound of you down the hall So I avoid the sound of you at all It’s as if the…

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  • Lost and Found Memories

    Sleeping soundly, his arms wrapped ’round me while I lay dreaming it’s you that rouses my sleep I wake startled you’ve returned again with flashes between two moments, a mere eyeblink away The things that can’t be those lost & found memories between moments of today

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  • Wait and See

    Standing Out by the water I see you’re alone Do I care to bother you Or should I leave you with your thoughts, Let you decide If this is what you want Will you come to me Or do I beg you to stay in this space I can see it written all over your…

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  • The Disposables

    We met there in the bar most nights the same drink the same table conversing over troubles we leaned on each other in those long nights This night I sit and wait at the same table with the same drink you haven’t arrived yet and I linger for hours wondering Nights like this pass was…

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  • You Never Cease To Captivate Me

    I’m not the man for you, This is true But does your man, Henry, Make you tremble like I used to? Does he do things to you like I used to? He may look nice in his suit And treat you to dinner But does he deliver? Does he cross your mind late at night?…

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  • Relief

    Sleeping next to you We don’t say the words we need The nights get lonely Would it be easier living without me? You watch as I tumble down You watch as I fall to the ground Would you pick me up and piece me back together? Would you stand me up and love me forever?…

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