Is it too much to ask
To have you say
And do all of the
Appropriate things
To touch gently
To say the truth and beauty
Of the moments
You and I spend

Is it too much to ask
To respond
To the love I give
To show the depth
Of the love you feel

Is it too much to ask
Is it a childish need
Is this what we’ve become
Is this where we’ll always be
Always wishing and waiting
For the love we both need

Train to Nowhere [with audio]

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The clock ticks in desperation to move us along, to where we belong.

Our eyes remain forward, no longer looking back.

The man in seat 2B sobs with tears streaming down his face. He’s left his life in his old place.

I soak in the faces of passengers around me, stern looks all around.

All longing for company, for answers that can’t be found.

Looking over my shoulder, the train across the way has the answers.

The lady in the window seat blows me a kiss; she has what we all have missed.

Looking behind me, the cold faces tell me I should leave.

The conductor denies my plea: this is the wrong ticket, I belong on the other train, you see.

As the train departs the station, I rise to bang on every window and door to set me free.

The whistle continues to blow. No one helps. Nothing budges. I’m stuck on a train to nowhere.

The train arrives at our destination. Heaps of garbage as far as the eye can see as flocks of seagulls swarm overhead.

This, this is where the train of life has led me.

Based on the opening scene of Stardust Memories.

Dear love

Dear love,
Thoughts of you the other day brought smiles. Today thoughts of you produced overrun swells in my eyes. The many years we’ve been separated, but how our hearts have always been close, how many more years will it be like this? Living in fantasy and memories all of the time is no way of living. The truth of what can never be, will I ever set these feelings free? This arrested state of bliss, of dreaming of our next kiss… and the pain of knowing that it may be a million years away. We’re so close yet always out of reach. I sit and dream of you, and wonder… will our dreams ever come true.

Undying Flame

Images and words
suddenly appear,
words longed for
hitting deep
as they wrap around
and envelop me,
overwhelming yet satisfying.

Since our last meeting
your ghostly presence arrived
in the oddest of places:
romantic restaurants,
quaint cafes,
art galleries,
long car drives,
concert halls,
walking in a park,
every room of the house,
and late at night in bed.

Days leading up
to significant life events,
it was you
always there
and me not finding the right words
to express the emptiness,
the loss,
the longing,
the wanting.

Reunions are great, they say,
as long as you don’t have to deal with the past,
as long as it doesn’t control your present,
as long as the flame doesn’t consume you.

Yet, here I stand steadily in the burning flames with you.

The Truth

This poem is pulled from snippets of Esteban Rodriguez’s poem, El Rio. These snippets pulled together brought out a truth that spoke to me. Check out his poem in Non.PlusLit.

ready to give up
what they knew they’d never be

aware what he believes in
will not always remain

and though you want to believe
when he tells you this
you find nothing when you look

each time you place yourself in the middle of it
and which you hope
if the time should come

Even in sleep
some nights
unsure if they’re signals
or warnings
if he does what awaits
or stay if his limbs grow numb
accept the nothingness
he prays he has the strength to wake up
he will be found and dragged to a place where you eventually
promise him to not suffer

unsure how you got here
or if any part of this is real
you find a man you believe
only he doesn’t remember you
or of the decades he spent
knowing as you know now
the path leading back
would not welcome his return

All I Need

All these years of
finding someone who
will give me all things I want,
all things I need

I beckon for someone
to give me music,
give me poetry,
give me love,
give me everything I need

But a voice inside cautions:
no one can love you like you need,
no one is all things true,
no one out there is all for you

Connecting so effortlessly
you give me words to hear,
music to fill the air,
books to read,
and pictures to see
Why can’t you be the one
to provide all things I want,
all things I need

I beckon again,
give me music
give me poetry
give me love

Still the voice carries on:
no one is all things true
no one out there is all for you…

This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One

We Don’t Talk About That

Telepathically, your thoughts race over me
They strike during the early morning hours
It’s that time again
But we won’t talk about that now

We’ll say so much that will fit in
The space between the silence
But those days where we lit up the sky,
We won’t talk about that now

The fantasies creep in
Some days, or most days,
On what we’ve done behind locked doors
Bodies exposed, breathing close
But we don’t talk about that now

Not now, not even close…

Awaiting The Day

Without hesitation I drop you a line
Hours later in time
I await your reply
Thinking what will it be
And hoping for you to excite me

I’m thinking of you
And wish it were true
That you’ve been thinking of me, too

My pulsing, racing heart
Awaits the day we’re sprawled out in the sheets
Please, let us be
Like we dream it will be

With our salty, sweet dreams of our bodies
Tangling and beating to the rhythms
Flowing through the currents
Between our curves

As time moves on
We beg the question
And pray how will it be
Please, let it lift us to the sky

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his poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One

The Haunting

Is it better to have a love lost
Not knowing about the other side
To have a deep hole in your heart
To keep what was lost in the past
And always wonder ‘what if’

Or to have it come back,
Haunt you
And realize it was true
Always has been
And he’s thinking of you, too

With thousands of miles away
You both have commitments
There’s no future
Only the present moment
And the lingering love you still carry

The pain is great either way
My heart is aching and beating more
Than it has ever before

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This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One