Tag: desire

  • Whisper In My Ear [with audio]

    Your words whisper in my ear. Your voice does things to me that haven’t been felt in years. My heart races,My insides quicken—I want to hear more. I listen when I’m alone to be safe from disturbance.I listen while at work in hopes that no one notices the reaction your whisper creates. I listen before…

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  • All I Need

    All these years ofexpectancy,finding someone who will give me all things I want,all things I need I beckon for someone to give me music, give me poetry, give me love, give me everything I need But a voice inside cautions: no one can love you like you need, no one is all things true, no…

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  • Getting to Know You

    Getting lost in the deep bluewe simply forget everything elsethis is our fantasy, our escapebut there is life outside these four walls Our wants extend us to stay a little longerwe’ve been waiting for this day it’s too soon to walk away I’d rather have my time with your body next to mineI’d rather have my time getting…

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  • Cold Rushing In

    I open the doors On a winter’s night The cold rushes in Exposing the fragility of my plight. I’ll never learn. Always the one to run Too far, too fast Into someone else. Immersing myself as I did in the past. I should take heed, Call it quits, Just breathe And walk away. Listen to…

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  • The Truth Within

    I’ve drowned, too trying to stay afloat swimming in those eyes of ocean blue navigating through hypnotic moves and poetic words that make you feel he only has eyes for you But in truth, you’re another hole he’s been trying to fill another escape to let his mind erase the truth within

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  • Awaiting The Day

    Without hesitation I drop you a line Hours later in time I await your reply thinking what will it be and hoping for you to excite me I’m thinking of you and wish it were true that you’ve been thinking of me, too My pulsing, racing heart awaits the day we’re sprawled out in the…

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  • More

    You want her She wants you, too A million miles between you An ocean of desire moves you Tidal waves rock you back and forth How will you ever reach that shore You keep hoping for more Listen to my poems on SoundCloud This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee…

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  • Danger Ahead

    Such a dangerous thing To let myself get wrapped up in you Destroying every moment Restricting all other movement Everything is you You’re near, yet too far Too far to take this to the next level Where we can tousle around late at night You’ve got me hypnotized Taking me to greater heights Destroy me,…

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  • Seize the Moment

    It’s Sunday morning I run down to the park We lock eyes while you’re strolling by Electricity ignites deep inside Do I stop?Do you dare say hello?Do we say anything at all? So much we want to say So much we want to do So much we’ve longed for To only have this passing moment…

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