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  • Deep Blues

    I gravitate to the deep blues – the color, the feeling, the music – all that it invokes. “Be careful, if it’s too blue you’ll lose that smile.” Don’t you know I lost it long ago? Don’t you know what it’s like to live in the blues? Those deep Van Gogh blues.

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  • Revolving Door

    He says, “you’ve been a great lover, opened up doors for me, been there when I needed you but I’m going to leave you, woman for I know you could do better than me” He picks up his suitcase, then he’s running out the door And that’s the way it is that’s the way it’ll…

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  • Take Two and Call Me In The Morning

    I wake to the sound of him pinging my phone. It’s too early for bright-eyed longing stares to the love of my life as my eyes burn from the phone’s bright light. With eyes barely opened, I reach over to tell him “Good morning, my love.” He sends his love in return and I feel…

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  • Look Up…

    Above the streets, into the buildings & trees, do you see what only we see: a needed escape, an expression of pleasing— head back, eyes closed, legs parted, a kiss on the lips— it takes us to the moment where we rise into pure ecstasy; there’s no other place we’d rather be.

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  • The Secret Garden

    bore from the most arduous labor, its intoxicating fruit, its sweet blossoming fragrance,pulls in the strongest of hearts. as a vine snakes its way through the depths of a luscious secret garden, distinct impressions produce the richest aromas. even to an untrained eye, the sweetest honey couldn’t go unnoticed. the sweetest honey couldn’t go unnoticed;…

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  • nous avons tout le temps

    This poem has been revisited often in the past few months. The original poem can be found here: Nous Avons Tout Le Temps Pour Nous. This final version below can also be found in Coffee Shop Sessions III: In the Arms of Love.

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  • In Solidarity

    He looks to the left, a quick pause to check the commotion. There’s shouting crying out on the street. Stomping boots, signs in hand. It’s another day, another protest, nothing to worry over. She questions him, “What’s happening?” It could be anything, or nothing at all. They want attention and this is the day they…

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  • nous avons tout le temps pour nous

    The summer’s ritual of an evening rain gushes down upon my large umbrella. I quickly step to dodge flooding puddles surrounding me. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing most of my life, avoiding disasters. But the person awaiting my arrival, he is my safe haven. Everything leading up to this moment, although it may…

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  • One More Moondance, My Love

    Originally published in Clay Literary’s RAVEN: https://www.clayliterary.com/post/raven-issue-eight-09-06-2020 A cool October evening presented itself in front of us, the full moon in the sky hovered above, and the tension between us lent itself to lyrics that resonated to every following Autumn. ‘Can I just have one more Moondance with you, my love?’ you sang as we…

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  • in your flood

    one step out the doorone step forwardone step closerto the flood one step backwardsone step in reverseone step awayfrom drowning a punch to the gutand tears streaming,more than the smilesmore than the ‘i love you’s and how many more years like thishow much can i take like this i agreed to ever afterbut this now,…

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