Tag: appreciation

  • Morning Blush

    the first soft glow peeks through greeting the tops of the trees, from the depths of these shadows with the slightest bend of light witnessing this moment it feels right to be alive no matter how hard the fight

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  • Mr. Tomato

    Mr. Tomato, my daughter calls you. Cute as can be, I laugh it off.But after giving it further thoughtshe has an idea that might be true:when squeezed too tightlyyour insides start to fall apart.But I’ll take it,maybe even with a slice of toast.Licking my fingertips,I want to savor every last drop.

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  • Clouds Dancing in the Sky

    Looking up at the clouds so high Watching colors stretch across the sky As they combine and spread apart gracefully An ever-changing work of art slowly slips by As the sun first wakes Golden hues are painted on the tips I’m struck by the beauty How lucky am I to be a witness As the…

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  • Sunday Thoughts

    Two lone souls thinking they stand out in the crowd do they really or are they the same as everyone They feel special, profound as no one must feel the same but they do, they all want to be loved they all are searching for the one Yet there isn’t one there are quite a…

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  • Words at Night

    All the words to say The sad ones The lonely ones The grateful ones The mad ones They circulate through you But never leave your lips Raging out onto paper For all to read But the ones closest to you Will never see Those words escape effortlessly Words poured out late at night And splayed…

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  • Destination Yesterday

    The phone booth crashes into my yard I’ve seen this play out before stepping inside, I reach for the receiver and browse the years to rediscover Should I dial that year when I had my first kiss Should I dial that year when he made me felt squeamish Should I dial that year when I…

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