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  • Back Where We Started [with audio]

    Driven too far, gone too fast, said too many things to make it last. Now you’ve gone away and we can’t go back, back to where this love once started. Now I drive too long to make sense of it all. Drive too hard to run away from it all. But I can’t go back,…

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  • Hold On [with audio]

    somewhere deep in the nightwe share our sweetest desiresyou and i holding each other tight miles and miles far awayconfusing night into dayripping off each other’s clotheshow we long to be so close yet this is us for nowwe’ve got to make it through somehowfor one day soon you’ll seeyou’ll be holding me you and i…

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  • Endless Night

    At the end of the day The rain now steadily falls I’ve laid here for hours Waiting for sleep to come Keeping my mind company, I’ve put a few records on Spinning my favorites and laying low, Leonard, Elliot, Thom, and Isakov, Each song delivers a blow Throwing me back to years ago I’ve laid…

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  • What I’m Listening To

    As much as music and poetry are intertwined, here is a Spotify playlist I’ve put together with songs that have either inspired or helped me over the years. This playlist is ever growing so check back often.

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