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  • Distorted Reality is a Necessity

    Do you really know anyone at all? Sitting in your favorite armchair you’ll dive into a writer’s mind and soul, stories used to entice, excite, entertain pieces intricately carved out or plucked to share– you’ll think you know them, feel their insides but you’ll never know their true self, if they slept in and had…

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  • Simple Thoughts

    writers ponder over verses but words become mystified, inadequate. where other poets generously use adjectives and sweet metaphors to describe the mysteries of life, i have the simplest of thoughts: i think of you, i think of us, i think of our love, and i think we’ll be alright.

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  • Unsent letters

    How many love letters do I have to write before they are sent, how many hours do I spend and lament over the impossible dream, the one that can’t be seen, and more and more it seems like it’s never going to be

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  • A Story of Hope

    A writer yearns to tell their story, any story,that will stand the test of time full of hardships conquered and inspire generations with hope. The story shall feel whimsical, not so much with fairies dancing but that there is a happy ending. The story shall have brevity, not so much as a long weathered tale…

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  • Dark Italian with Cream

    Thanks to Robert Charboneau for this poem. Although my blog and book are both titled ‘Coffee Shop Sessions’ this is the first poem that is actually about coffee! Follow Robert on Twitter or on his blog for more of his poetry and drawings.

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