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  • listen to her

    inside of you, that constant voice knows you better than anyone else. she’s been there when no one else was. she knows she’ll never steer you wrong. she’ll direct you forward, & retract you from uncomfortable situations. no matter if they say otherwise, listen to her. friends know a side of you, your lover knows…

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  • Who Has Your Tongue

    I mull over the quietness,the licking of thoughtscollected and trapped inside,blocking airwaves. Only things that escapeare the redirects,anything to take the focusoff of what can’t be seen. They’ll have to perform surgeryto get this out of me.

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  • Sunday Thoughts

    Two lone souls thinking they stand out in the crowd do they really or are they the same as everyone They feel special, profound as no one must feel the same but they do, they all want to be loved they all are searching for the one Yet there isn’t one there are quite a…

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