Deconstruction Site

How many times do we take
the leap before we realize
we’ve jumped in too deep

How many times do we stop
to realize we need to
protect our insides

How many times does this heart
have to break; this love,
you too shall take

He was the one healing
the deepest scar,
the wound he created,
only to tear it apart
as he twists the knife
churning everything
inside of me


Moving Mountains One by One

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

I’ve tumbled through the rolling hills,
hiked to the snow-capped peaks,
stargazed in the desert with Joshua trees
and driven up the Pacific coast
to get a closer look
at that picturesque ocean
where locals claim anything goes

I’ve snorkeled through Atlantic waters,
crossed the longest bridges,
drifted through meandering rivers,
and flown over the deepest canyon ridges

I’ve traveled to many far-off lands,
pondered what exactly happened at Stonehenge,
unearthed layers of civilization,
held history in my fingertips
and seen everything there is to witness

Sunrise, sunset, and everything in between
but what my heart longs to see
is you, my love, with open arms standing in front of me
no amount of land would stand in our way
O, I’m moving mountains one by one just to see you again

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This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One


Drove To See You

I drove down to see you
stood in your doorway unannounced
you were there with another
I again felt like an outsider
I didn’t belong
after I wrote you at length
many love songs

My poems wrapped in a box
delivered but only to be forgotten
my heart still in shock
you were going away
never to be seen again
until the month of May
when I would fly thousands of miles
just to see that smile

But you called and shared the news;
you married her,
and had a baby on the way, too

That visit in May was not as planned
we were supposed to be walking the streets hand in hand
not with a mutual friend
not meeting your wife, breaking bread

But as you said,
as long as we’re alive
there’s a chance for magic in the air
well, my love, we shall see that magic again
once this heart has been repaired

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