Tag: the one that got away

  • Deconstruction Site

    How many times do we take the leap before we realize we’ve jumped in too deep How many times do we stop to realize we need to protect our insides How many times does this heart have to break; this love, you too shall take He was the one healing the deepest scar, the wound…

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  • Moving Mountains One by One

    I’ve tumbled through the rolling hills, hiked to the snow-capped peaks, stargazed in the desert with Joshua trees and driven up the Pacific coast to get a closer look at that picturesque ocean where locals claim anything goes I’ve snorkeled through Atlantic waters, crossed the longest bridges, drifted through meandering rivers, and flown over the…

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  • Drove To See You

    I drove down to see youstood in your doorway unannouncedyou were there with anotherI again felt like an outsiderI didn’t belongafter I wrote you at lengthmany love songs My poems wrapped in a boxdelivered but only to be forgottenmy heart still in shockyou were going awaynever to be seen againuntil the month of Maywhen I…

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