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  • Summer Love Swept Away

    I spotted you amongst the masses there with only a moment to choose, I feared this was headed nowhere. Giving you a raised eye I slipped you a napkin with my number, figured this was a love you couldn’t deny. We filled our summer days gone by with dragonfly dreams. Our love left like beach…

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  • Coastal Wanderers

    in the blaze of the summer heat, drips of sweat rippled down our smooth skin backs. we set out for adventure along the Pacific coast, the four of us squeezed in a compact sedan. sisters laughing, shouting, nowhere else to be. engaging winding hair-pin turns, honking, speeding, and slamming on the brakes as the afternoon…

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  • In Your City

    Originally published in Clay Literary’s RAVEN: https://www.clayliterary.com/post/raven-issue-seven-08-30-2020 eyes squeeze shut all at once with wishes whispered under breaths to be anywhere else, anywhere cooler than the constant heatwave of near 100 degrees. Toes dip into makeshift sandy beaches along the city’s river while children play in water fountains next to erected sandcastles. But here in…

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  • hollywood nights

    We circled the streets under Hollywood stars to see the Hollywood sights. Stood in lines behind velvet ropes on those Hollywood nights. Stayed out til dawn & hit the beach to realize the perfect dream is still within reach Santa Monica days led us to Huntington Beach & Dana Point; surfing, whale watching then hitting…

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  • Dancing in the yard

    It was a long summer afternoon a crackling fire lit the yard the southern sun was settingwhile I strummed my old guitar It was her way of moving to the musicshe captured the glowing cinders in her eyes she danced with the slightest sway in her hips and her heavenly body torched my skies

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