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  • my life is a country song

    One day I sat down to write a poem but it turned out to be a country song…Maybe one day someone will sing it. Not quite sure if it’s complete but this is as far as it’s gone. It’s 6 o’clock and the table’s empty There’s been no word from you Do I prepare something…

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  • Send Me A Song

    With a flip of the wrist there’s a song directing you on a time warp, back to the time you fell in love with the girl of your dreams, or so she was at the time. With every turn of the dial there she is and yet, there you are years apart. It only lasts…

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  • Right Outside My Window

    Watch it as it goesOut the windowAnd out into the world.Watch as it no longer has a home.Watch as it slowly slips through your fingersBut somehow you know it had a piece of your soul. That void is opening, getting larger,Slowly drifting out and now you wish it could come back home,Even for a moment,Just…

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  • Sing to me

    Sing me a song at every chance. With every glance, Capture me with your smile. Make the lyrics repeat in my head. Let your tone send shivers through me. And when I hear the first notes, Let that song send me back to you.

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  • Hold On [with audio]

    somewhere deep in the nightwe share our sweetest desiresyou and i holding each other tight miles and miles far awayconfusing night into dayripping off each other’s clotheshow we long to be so close yet this is us for nowwe’ve got to make it through somehowfor one day soon you’ll seeyou’ll be holding me you and i…

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  • Our Song

    Spinning the same song that connected us gets harder to hear. Each verse cuts deeper into what never was, what could have been; the longing to be near. With my fingertips crossing your beard, your fingers grazing my thighs, those longing sleepless nights I’ve waited to be alongside the one that knew the depth of…

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