my life is a country song

One day I sat down to write a poem but it turned out to be a country song...Maybe one day someone will sing it. Not quite sure if it’s complete but this is as far as it’s gone.

It’s 6 o’clock and the table’s empty
There’s been no word from you
Do I prepare something for us
or wait up for you?

The kids are hungry & they’ve been asking
is Daddy on his way
or will he be a little late again?
Oh honey, I don’t know, oh, I don’t know

I scroll through our messages,
was there something I missed?
Was this your night out on the town
or are you workin’ late on a deadline?
Oh honey, I don’t know, oh, I don’t know

Lord, tell me something’s eatin’ at you
Cuz boy, you know it’s eatin’ at me too
Don’tcha know what it’s doin’ to me,
Can’t ya see it’s rippin’ us apart
Oh honey, don’t you know, don’t you know

I can’t stand your little lies
Don’t you look me in the eyes
with those scheming little lies
Honey, don’t you look me in the eyes
with those scheming little lies,
those little lies…


Send Me A Song

With a flip of the wrist
there’s a song
directing you on a time warp,
back to the time you fell in love
with the girl of your dreams,
or so she was at the time.

With every turn of the dial
there she is
and yet, there you are
years apart.

It only lasts 3 minutes
but it’s the one
that crawls under your skin
late at night
when you’re all alone,
when thoughts run in circles.

During the middle of the day
it’ll punch your gut
as time melts away,
sending shivers
down the corners of your back.

When you look across the way,
there she is,
and yet, there you are
years apart.

When you hear that song
you wish it’d send hope
for something better,
instilling excitement.

You want that song
to be sent in your direction
expressing “Think of me,
as much as I do you.”

And yet, there she is,
and there you are
years apart.


Right Outside My Window

Watch it as it goes
Out the window
And out into the world.
Watch as it no longer has a home.
Watch as it slowly slips through your fingers
But somehow you know it had a piece of your soul.

That void is opening, getting larger,
Slowly drifting out and now you wish it could come back home,
Even for a moment,
Just a moment to return the time
Where you could embrace it,
Or imagine what you could do
If you could pause it for a moment,
But it’s gone… it’s gone.

And it’s right outside your window,
Do you open your window
And let it accompany you as you wake?
Do you let it sing you to bed at night
As your heart slowly breaks?

And you watch it outside your window
As it slowly fades away
Into the distance,
Into a memory
That wants to walk away.

Grab onto the memory,
Let it linger and comfort you once more.
Just right outside the window
It’s telling you
‘Can I come in through the door?’

This piece came pouring out after the first two lines came to me in songThanks for reading.

music · poem

Hold On [with audio]

*spoken word*

somewhere deep in the night
we share our sweetest desires
you and i 
holding each other tight

miles and miles far away
confusing night into day
ripping off each other’s clothes
how we long to be so close

yet this is us for now
we’ve got to make it through somehow
for one day soon you’ll see
you’ll be holding me

you and i holding on
lost in another time
we’ll make it through another night
just sit back, enjoy the ride

this is us right now
we’ve got to make it through somehow
one day soon you’ll see
you’ll be holding me

and when that day comes
you’ll walk up to greet me
nothing else will be seen or heard
only our kisses will do the talking

so we’ve got to hold on
because one day, 
one day soon you’ll see
it’s you with me


Our Song

Image credit: Max Dupain

Spinning the same song
that connected us
gets harder to hear.

Each verse cuts deeper
into what never was,
what could have been;
the longing to be near.

With my fingertips crossing your beard,
your fingers grazing my thighs,
those longing sleepless nights
I’ve waited to be alongside
the one that knew the depth
of my emotions,
facing eye to eye.

Sometimes it’s a choice song
so I don’t forget the closeness
of someone far away.

Sometimes it’s a random appearance,
stops me in my tracks;
nothing else
could stand in its way.