Tag: separation

  • The Portrait of Disappointment

    after Joni Mitchell* after years of hoping things would change and giving in to “well, that’s the way it is,” look me in eyes and realize this is who we are, who we’ve become, it’s finally come true – our love’s become old news. we never lived up to the story of make-believe; when we…

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  • Let the Music Play

    we were an unsinkable ship,built to sustain any injurythrown our way, or so we said. cast into the dark,yet illuminated with infinite possibilities. suddenly slipping through our fingersthe bitter cold quickly rushed in,and the music played on. while the chaos surrounded usand the children were tucked safely in their bed,the music played on. while prayers…

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  • Relief

    Sleeping next to you We don’t say the words we need The nights get lonely Would it be easier living without me? You watch as I tumble down You watch as I fall to the ground Would you pick me up and piece me back together? Would you stand me up and love me forever?…

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