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  • Tuesday Morning

    Between these luscious thighs, the back of a lover’s head is held firmly in place while riding undulating waves originating from his face. Without effort, much to my surprise the recalling of poetic words from another voicestill sends me to the highest point of ecstasy, wishing it was your body, your hands holding me closeBut…

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  • You’ll Want to Sit Down for This

    There’s no easy way to say this; there’s no way of keeping it in. It builds inside of me, telling me to set it free. It’s begging for attention; it’s scrapping up my knees. It’s knocking louder and louder; it’s banging down the front door. What is it, you ask? Well, where do I begin?…

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  • The Secret Garden

    bore from the most arduous labor, its intoxicating fruit, its sweet blossoming fragrance,pulls in the strongest of hearts. as a vine snakes its way through the depths of a luscious secret garden, distinct impressions produce the richest aromas. even to an untrained eye, the sweetest honey couldn’t go unnoticed. the sweetest honey couldn’t go unnoticed;…

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  • You Never Knew

    you think you know a guy years, months, weeks, day in and day out conversations exchanged how things were left unsaid how we chose, or chose not, to be how we hide behind the way we speak how we say, or don’t say, the things we mean you think you know a guy and suddenly…

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  • in your flood

    one step out the doorone step forwardone step closerto the flood one step backwardsone step in reverseone step awayfrom drowning a punch to the gutand tears streaming,more than the smilesmore than the ‘i love you’s and how many more years like thishow much can i take like this i agreed to ever afterbut this now,…

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  • Lock & Key

    A treasure trovefilled with secrets A lock and keytwirling through fingers Turning the keydemons spring forthdancing in the light. Bewildered,taking in their faces,their shapeshifter dance,I sink further into the knowingand cannot be undone. We throw the box into the sea and toss the key. O, what these eyes have seen cannot be unseen so easily.

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  • We Don’t Talk About That

    Drifting thoughts of us strike during the long hours of the dayIt’s that time once againBut we won’t talk about it now We’ll say so much to fit inThe space between the silenceBut those days where we lit up the sky,We won’t talk about that now Fantasies creep inSome days, or most days,What we’ve done…

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  • Caught In The Act

    Working long hours between covert exchanges aboundit becomes a late night at the office with no one else around, we absolve the need to be cautious Behind the locked door,you parade around the desk,perch yourself closer than ever beforeas your fingers reach the hem of my dress Fingers creeping higheras my eyes heighten with alert,tension…

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  • In the Dead of Winter

    These paths I walk all lead to snow White embankments filled with fluff Masking the truth underneath Holding us back three feet deep When will they release me Keeping me here like a prisoner Don’t they see I want out The ground is frozen I can’t move my fibers of life Shake, shake me out…

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  • Lost and Found Memories

    Sleeping soundly, his arms wrapped ’round me while I lay dreaming it’s you that rouses my sleep I wake startled you’ve returned again with flashes between two moments, a mere eyeblink away The things that can’t be those lost & found memories between moments of today

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