Undying Flame

Images and words
suddenly appear,
words longed for
hitting deep
as they wrap around
and envelop me,
overwhelming yet satisfying.

Since our last meeting
your ghostly presence arrived
in the oddest of places:
romantic restaurants,
quaint cafes,
art galleries,
long car drives,
concert halls,
walking in a park,
every room of the house,
and late at night in bed.

Days leading up
to significant life events,
it was you
always there
and me not finding the right words
to express the emptiness,
the loss,
the longing,
the wanting.

Reunions are great, they say,
as long as you don’t have to deal with the past,
as long as it doesn’t control your present,
as long as the flame doesn’t consume you.

Yet, here I stand steadily in the burning flames with you.

Him, Me, Us

It was the rippling in his hair,
the currents which ran through him
and I caught in his riptide,
always wondering if it was true.

It was the crinkles in his skin around the eyes,
years of wisdom and sun-kissed days,
the spaces that I would soon settle in.

It was our passion that bonded us
as we fluttered with every touch
and floating past each other
not realizing how much
we held each other so dear.

Skimming around what our future would hold,
we knew there was a chance
as long as we were both alive.
Our distance was only a pause
as our dreams and memories
held each other close.

A song, a scent, a fleeting moment
bringing us back together.
A movie, a scene of lovers reminiscing,
that could be us realizing
all of our precious dreams.

And now here we stand,
lovers reunited
though we never parted.
Our story is still young;
dearly loved, deeply devoted,
our hearts still beating as one.

Wildflowers Amongst Ruins

Photo captured in England, 2018

Old ruins
Forgotten and unkempt
Discovered years later
Remembering the days
Preserving the magic
While gardens bloom all around

Let the wildflowers grow
Where there once were none
Let the magic be remembered
For all and for one

This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One

Separated Not By Love

You set the scene,
describe it so perfectly;
what we’ll do
what I’ll wear
where we’ll go
from the first moments of excitement
to the height of pure ecstasy

But love,
it’s a trembling sensation
that leaves me wanting;
wanting to lay with you,
to feel your warmth next to me

The cool breeze from the window
attempts to ease
the burning between us
but fails as we don’t let up

And my mind wanders from that scene
to thinking
what all these years between us
could have been,
all that we could have done
but I guess it’s not that bad
for our love
is still just as strong