Recording Sessions [with audio]

If you’ve ever wondered how a recording session takes place…

I set up the laptop, open up GarageBand,
plug in the headphones, adjust the mic settings,
pull out a poem, and hit Record.
I remind myself to speak clearly,
to make sure I have the exact tone,
to express the meaning of the poem.
I start to fumble over the words, it’s a first
pass, it’s normal. It’ll get better the next
few rounds.
I give it another go. A few lines in
and then a tap of the mic. Bugger. Delete.
I go several rounds.
A dog barks. Delete.
The kids run in circles above my studio. Delete.
Now I’ve lost the intended tone. Delete.
My throat is getting too dry. Delete and grab a drink.
I give it one last shot. This one has got to be it.
Now for the backing track. Music or sound effects?
Match the theme of the poem or make it offbeat?
Ooh, a nice saxophone and bongos would be neat.
Pulling it all together and listening on repeat.
That’s it! This recording is now complete.